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  • Your.Tod.Squad

    In March 2020 Covid-19, the little known virus ‘from China’, became a global pandemic and life as we all knew it, stopped. Supermarkets were stripped bare, toilet roll suddenly became a luxury item and 9 million people found out what the meaning of the word ‘furlough’ is – it was one of the strangest and… Read more: Your.Tod.Squad
  • No.33: Twatt

    Earlier this year, 2 friends and I decided to take on a hitch-hiking challenge to raise money for a charity called ‘The Campaign Against Living Miserably’. Last Friday Magnus, Sergio and I set off from Brick Lane with the intention of reaching the town of ‘Twatt’ on the Archipelago of Orkney – we gave ourselves… Read more: No.33: Twatt

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